Free Help to Medical Practices supporting patients through the Covid-19 Pandemic

Surgical Partners exists for one simple purpose: to remove the administrative burden from medical practices so that they can focus on what really matters - viably caring for their patients.  It’s what we do for literally thousands of General Practitioners and other Specialist Doctors around the[...]

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Partnering For Small Business Digital Success

Surgical Partners has been selected as an official Partner of the Australian Government as part of the Small Business Digital Champions mentoring initiative.

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4 Quick Tips For Financial Management In Medical Practice

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For any medical practice, sound book-keeping, record-keeping, tax and accounting practices can make all the difference when it comes to running the ‘business’ of the practice as smoothly as possible, and paving the way for[...]

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Neat Digital Health Startups Set To Go Places

In the first of Wild Health's new series on neat startups predicted to make a difference in Australian Healthcare, The Medical Republic's Jeremy Knibbs offers his thoughts on Surgical Partners' innovative solution, and what he suggests might very well be the easiest and most impactful way of[...]
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Afterpay To Make A Splash In General Practice?

I have been taking some questions from our clients and from my network about this recent Fairfax article on Afterpay's planned entry into the GP market. It's safe to say that fintech innovation in healthcare is a passion of mine, so I have documented some thoughts on the topic from a practice[...]

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5 Ways To Add Value To Your Practice

You’re a busy person! It can be easy to fall behind on the latest trends and new technology. However, it is important to keep your practice running efficiently and to give your patients and staff the experience they are looking for. Below are a few simple solutions that can add value to your[...]

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14 Reasons You Should Be a Cloud-Based Practice

Transferring your medical practice to an online system can be an intimidating and overwhelming process. Not only are there multiple practice management systems to choose between, there are many concerns regarding the security and ease of transferring. However, there are numerous benefits to[...]

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Should Your Practice Be Cloud-Based?

Paperless business tactics are coming full circle, as many companies are saving money (and the environment) by using cloud-based services. Likewise, medical practices can specifically benefit from a paperless approach. Your medical practice management software is likely already on "the cloud"[...]

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Streamlined Accounting for Medical Practices

While you've perhaps run your medical practice with the same procedures for years, you're possibly starting to see that you can't maintain those tactics forever. What worked for you just five or ten years ago just isn't feasible now with more complex demands in the healthcare field.

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