Free Help to Medical Practices supporting patients through the Covid-19 Pandemic

Surgical Partners exists for one simple purpose: to remove the administrative burden from medical practices so that they can focus on what really matters - viably caring for their patients.  It’s what we do for literally thousands of General Practitioners and other Specialist Doctors around the country. And that’s never been more important than during the current Covid-19 Pandemic.

We’ve heard of so many General Practices being overwhelmed by patient queries as the panic spreads.  And doctors and practice staff are wondering how they can best support, treat and reassure their patients. Unfortunately, signs point to things getting worse, before they get better.  

We know that if we’re serious about making patient care our priority, we can’t just sit back and watch so many Practices struggle.  We need to take action. 

So we’ve been thinking about what we can do to best help out our medical partners through this crisis and we’ve found a way we can lend a hand…


Free Support for Doctor Distributions

For the next three months, we’ll take the admin of calculating, invoicing and recording doctor distributions off your hands – for free –  so you can instead use your time to support your patients.


No catch. No cost.  Just 3 months of us doing what we do best, to help your Practice through this crisis.  But we are limited in how many Practices we can help quickly, so this offer is available to an initial number of the first General Practices to put up their hand.

We can generate the invoices, tell you what needs to be paid, record the accounting entries if required, and it’s all done, all with our usual strict confidentiality and security.

Although this can’t deliver the full Surgical Partners experience right away (because that would involve us developing a bespoke solution design for each practice…and that can take a few weeks to get live) this can certainly make a difference to your admin burden right away.

This is not a marketing ploy. Again, it is not practical to deploy our software and we cannot, and will not, seek new revenue from a global health emergency.  But we all need to pull together at times like this…and this is our way of doing what we can.

So please reach out on 1300 911 672  or and let us help you.