5 Ways To Add Value To Your Practice

You’re a busy person! It can be easy to fall behind on the latest trends and new technology. However, it is important to keep your practice running efficiently and to give your patients and staff the experience they are looking for. Below are a few simple solutions that can add value to your practice, with minimal time and effort on your part.

1. Digital Timesheets/ Rostering

There are many companies that offer electronic and flexible time sheets and rostering. Tanda, a rostering system that can integrate with Xero, or your online accounting system, can manage and communicate with your team while keeping track of costs. All it takes are five simple steps: Build your roster, send shifts to your staff, clock-in, automate time sheets and pay staff correctly. The accounting integration ensures that you pay the right people, the right amount, every time. You can learn more about Tanda here.

2. Digital Quality Management System

Along with rostering, a way to increase efficiency, prevent entry errors and double check all information is through a digital quality management system. There are many options out there, and you can find the one that is the right fit for your company. Many practices feel that this it is an unnecessary extension and it may cost more than it’s then it's worth. However, by being proactive and working to correct mistakes as they happen you save yourself and your staff the hours that it take to dig up mistakes such as duplicate records and mis-entered information. In addition, you can monitor the internal performance of your organization, and manage complaints so when accreditation time comes around you are prepared. Systems such as Logiqc also report issues and give recommendations for corrective action.

3. TeamViewer

TeamViewer can provide remote desktop access and support for your practice. Their software puts all the tools you need to stay connected at your fingertips. This can become handy when you need to access your office PC from the road, video conference with partners or patients from across town, or to share your screen with whoever needs to see it. You will save time by being able to access what you need, when you need it. Plus, it’s safe and secure!

4. Waiting Call System (With Nice Music)

Most practices receive calls all-day long from patients, partners, pharmacists and much more. As I’m sure you know, these calls are important and can make the difference between a new patient and a “almost” patient. Making their experience great from booking an appointment, to when they walk out of the door is imperative. Having a good call waiting system can improve your patient’s experience and further improve the value of your practice. Happy patients make happy practices.

5. WiFi In Your Waiting Room

As previously stated, the experience your patient has in your office is important. Likely, there are multiple practices in the area they could visit, and they picked you—probably for your incredible doctors. But, they might end up spending more time in your waiting room than in the exam room. Make every aspect incredible, including the time spent in your waiting room. You most likely already have WiFi for your practice, by adding to your package and offering public, free WiFi you can make your patients, or their parents exceptionally happy. Instead of their doctor appointment being an inconvenience out of their day, it will flow smoothly.

There are hundreds of ways to add value to your practice. These are a few that we know can add value and fast. Another easy way to add value, is to integrate your practice management system and online accounting. By doing so, you can save your bookkeeper or accountant hours, and your practice thousands. Learn more here.